It all begins with love, bringing goodness into homes and making lives better. We are Personal Collection, and this is our story.

Our beginnings
rooted in love

Our success is a story of love.

Behind Personal Collection’s growth over the years is the love that has built the company. From a small warehouse with only 8 dealers and 8 employees in 2003, Personal Collection has now grown to more than 600 branches with millions of dealers in the Philippines.

It is the love that compelled Founder and Chairman Emeritus Willie Evangelista to turn his life around, let go of entitlement and ego, and choose humility to share the Great Life with everyone.

We want YOU to experience and share the Great Life across Malaysia as our business partners and leaders.

Empowering Products

We make home, health, and personal care products to help you to enjoy a Great Life. From soap and shampoo to fragrances and hand sanitiser, they are Made With Love for you to bring home.

Realize Your Dreams

Personal Collection wants to help you realise your dreams. Discover your Great Life through rewarding business and career opportunities with us. Join our family of dealers!

Great Life Testimonials

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